Attack of the FlashDogs!

*drumroll* Coming soon…the first FlashDogs anthology!

FD poster

Perhaps I should explain…The FlashDogs are a collective of flash fiction (short short story writers) from all over the world. We met at various online contests, such as the marvellously dragony Flash! Friday. But then people started to talk online, and from tweets and snippets leapt the FlashDogs, a community of flash fiction writers who love a good story and a good chat.

Chat began to be had about creating a short-story anthology, for charity. Mark and Shakes, two FlashDogs who I think may be sheepdogs because of their organisational and marshalling skills, have managed to bring 34 writers into line…and at the weekend, we will have a book out! The gorgeous artwork is by Tam, and Emily has been a fabulous editor. Saturday 13 December is the planned launch date, and the charity who will benefit from sales is IBBY, an international not-for-profit organisation committed to bringing books and children together. Every penny from this anthology will go to them.

I could talk for a long time about individual FlashDogs and their fantastic writing…or I could direct you to the new FlashDogs website, which is under construction but already full of useful info (including bios for the folks I’ve mentioned, and others), and to the lively Twitter feed at @FlashDogs. And if you’re interested in joining the FlashDogs, you’ll be very welcome. But buy the book first!

The images in this post are by Tamara Rogers (@tamrogers), and are reproduced here with her permission. Otherwise, all rights are reserved.

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