Stories in spaaaaaaaaace!

After my previous diversion to Chester for the Literature Prize, we are now heading out to space! Probably best to blame the satnav – after all, look what it did in Chester…

Day 4 of the Ether Flash Fortnight challenge required a story on the theme of home. Excellent! I thought. I have one of those! Well, two in fact, as I had written two stories for a wonderful spacey Flash!Friday prompt back in August – but one of those is for the forthcoming FlashDogs anthology, and therefore untouchable.

I looked at the other one again, did some tweaking, and sent it in.

Fabulous. And of course the theme for day 5 was space. Where no-one can hear you scream.

But I’m on a blog. *cue silent scream as people may be sleeping somewhere, followed by a shot of the universe panning infinitely outward*

I sighed, and got thinking. What must it be like to be away from everything you know for so long? It’s the theme I looked at in my FlashDogs story, but this time I thought about what might happen if the world shifted 180 degrees while you were away.

The results of my space odyssey are Homecoming and The Man Who Came Back, and I’d love to know what you made of them both.

Live long and prosper.

The featured image is Space – Helix nebula by NASA via Jim Trodel, and it is shared by permission of Creative Commons license 2.0.

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