Overcoming writer’s block: A Stitch In Time

It was day 3 of Ether’s Flash Fortnight, and the theme was Celebration. I was completely stuck, and I didn’t know why. I wanted to write about a wedding, but how, without straying into Four Weddings?

Various scenarios chased each other through my head. Either I didn’t like them, or I didn’t think I could get them into 500 words. Aargh! On the previous two days I had been able to adapt a story I’d written before, but nothing seemed to fit the bill this time.

Then a wedding dress floated into my mind. Not my own dress, but a big lacy wafty veiled meringue. I imagined all the people who walk into a wedding dress shop – and their bridesmaids and families – and thought about what a wedding shop owner, who is so intimately acquainted with that part of the process, would make of it all.

And there you have it: A Stitch In Time, which you can read here.

PS I bought my dress completely on impulse. I mean, I was getting married, but I went into a local wedding shop on spec, on my own, and got a bargain in the sale. I am happy to report that it was a meringue, and I loved it.

The featured image – which I wish I could have used in its entirety in my promo image for this story – is called WEDDING, is by GU / 古天熱, and is shared by permission of Creative Commons license 2.0.

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