Flash Fortnight Day 2: Playing the Game

Today’s ‘story behind the story’ relates to day 2 of the Ether Flash Fortnight Challenge, themed REVENGE…

Some time previously on Flash! Friday the picture prompt had been a chess game, and we had had to include a nemesis. And we couldn’t use the word ‘chess’. Oh yes, and I wanted to have a go at writing a story entirely in dialogue…

Remind me why I do this again? It must be because it’s lots of fun!

So I wondered what it must be like to be a set of chess pieces. You spend most of your time in the box together, and then you’re tipped out and expected to be all adversarial. Somehow, it just doesn’t ring true. Who is your nemesis, exactly? And I imagined a scenario where the chess pieces find a way to get their own back…

If you’d like to know how they did it, read my story here!

The original photo in the featured image is Black Bishop by Michael Maggs and is available at Wikipedia Commons. It is shared via Creative Commons license 2.5. I put the original photo through a pop art picture generator at Bloggif and then put two images side by side.

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