In My End Is My Beginning: the story behind the story

I submitted In My End Is My Beginning for Day 1 of Ether Flash Fiction Fortnight, where the theme we had to work to was Beginnings.

This story is a rewrite of a very short story I wrote for Flash!Friday, where our photo prompt was a picture of St Kilda, and our required item to include was a baby. Quite a tall order for 160 words.

If you don’t know the story of St Kilda – and I will confess that I didn’t know more than the bare bones of it – St Kilda is a group of islands on the outer fringe of the Outer Hebrides which was voluntarily abandoned by its inhabitants in 1930. Life had become very hard for them, and they saw no future for themselves there. An account which goes into depth about the St Kildan way of life and the circumstances which led to their departure is available here.

I wanted to write a first person account of what the evacuation must have been like, and some thoughts which occurred to me were:

  • Someone speaking now about what happened in 1930 would almost certainly have been a baby or a young child at the time
  • Who would the narrator tell her story to – and would she want to tell them what really happened?
  • Having left home for the mainland for ever, would you stop moving?

So that was where I began – and you can read the story itself on the Ether app at Hope you like it – please let me know what you think!

The featured image is Stormy sky at the beach by photophilde and is shared by permission of Creative Commons license 2.0.

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