Adventures in flash fiction: 8 Days of Ether

So I saw this competition, called ‘8 Days of Ether‘.

The challenge:

  • 8 days
  • A new theme every day
  • 24 hours to create and submit a short story of 500 words or less

I’d never written anything so short before. I figured that 500 words wasn’t really enough room to cover much or go very deep. So most of my flash fiction pieces were pretty light reading. I managed to get five stories in for the eight themes. Some days I just couldn’t think of anything; ‘Hats’ was a sticking point, and by day 8 , ‘Song and Dance’, I was knackered. Along the way I met some of my fellow competitors via Facebook and we shared our experiences, frustrations, exhaustion…

At the close of the competition, all the entries were published on the Ether Books app. And that was where the learning really began, as I read the other entries. Some absolutely fantastic stories; lean, polished, absolutely compelling, and created in 24 hours, by people who, like all of us, have plenty to fit into the day.

Was the challenge worth doing?

You bet. It was hard work, but such FUN. I woke up the day after the challenge finished and felt oddly empty without a story to build. I had a free crash course on writing flash fiction. I met some great people whom I’ve connected with on social media. And I won judges’ pick on one of the days!

I’ve put some links below to the winning stories on the Ether Books app (which is free to download) and also some blog links below. Enjoy!

Winners of the 8 Days of Ether competition:

Most Downloads / Karla Mouncey-Jaggers / 183 downloads /

Day 1: Adventure / Lindsay Fisher / An Adventure And Some In Old Man Tucker’s Backyard

Day 2: Hats / Irena Pasvinter / Mr Hatman

Day 3: Time / Van Demal / Waiting /

Day 4: Desire / Natalie Bowers / A Price Too High /

Day 5: Risk / Tom Lichtenberg / Twins /

Day 6: Tragedy / Suki McMinn / Tragedy: Comedy /

Day 7: Family / Liz Hedgecock / 0 Out Of 10 / (we’ve met)

Day 8: Song And Dance / Douglas Bruton / We Are Stardust



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