Why Bitsa?


NB: This first post on the blog relates to the blog’s original name, Bitsa. Please read A Case of Identity to see why I changed its name to Wordster. 

What’s a Bitsa?

Naming this blog has so far been the most brain-racking part.

I read various posts by the experts (see below for links!), who of course got in early enough to bag all the great ideas I’d already thought of. They all said ‘short, memorable, easy to say and spell’.

I wanted a word or two which would sum up the sorts of things I’d like to blog about. So…

  • writing (just starting out)
  • work (I do enjoy my job)
  • being a parent (sometimes I enjoy that too)
  • being a woman, and yes, a feminist
  • running (not super-fast, but I get there)
  • stuff in general

If you can find a word or two which sums that lot up, please write in!

I could have picked one thing, and just written about that. Or had lots of different blogs. Personally, though, I like it when things join up, and when you get to know someone in a more rounded, multi-dimensional way.

So Bitsa will almost certainly be a patchwork, a mongrel, a Heinz 57, a liquorice allsort, with bitsa this and bitsa that.

Hope you enjoy it,


Some of the articles on blog naming I read:





Finally, the header image for the blog is Halloween-colored sprinkles by m01229, and is shared by permission of Creative Commons license 2.0. The image has been cropped to fit WordPress header guidelines.

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